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Xiamen PVTECH Co., Ltd.

T5/T8 LED tubes, LED high bay lights, LED tri-proof lights, LED linear slot lights and trunking systems

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  • Phone: +86-592-2658881
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    Unit 28, Yangtai Road, Xinyang Industrial Zone, Haicang, Xiamen, Fujian, China
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Company Profile
PVTECH is a premier manufacturer of LED tubes in China. The company began development of high efficacy, norm-compliant T5/T8 LED tubes in 2010 and has expanded its product offerings ever since to include LED high bay lights, LED tri-proof lights, LED linear slot lights and trunking systems. PVTECH takes great pride in developing meaningful, valuable, and sustainable solutions with an impressive breadth and depth of invention. Its never-ending quest for manufacturing excellence and forward-thinking technology consistently deliver lighting advancements that translate into value-added products and services. By maintaining an unwavering focus on quality, technology and integrity which define the company, PVTECH has built a successful track record and a solid reputation in the industry.

PVTECH carries one of the industry's most competitive families of LED tube lights. PVTECH's ultra performance tubes feature a high total system efficacy (including driver) of up to 190 lm/W and are compatible with virtually every standard electronic or magnetic ballast equipped fluorescent light fixture. The PVTECH LED glass, all-plastic, and aluminum/PC tubes are offered in a variety of technical and functional features including dimming, occupancy sensor activation, high color rendering, emergency power supply, smart control. These products undergo extensive testing of electrical, optical, and thermal performance and safety evaluation in-house for failsafe reliability and robust performance over rated life. They're also tested by thirty party provider for verified compliance to UL, DLC, TUV, CE, PSE, CB, VDE, ERP standards.

PVTECH continually expands its product line in an effort to bring to its loyal customers a new pacakge of value-added lighting solutions. Its architecturally seek linear LED slot lights and trunking systems deliver a seamless synthesis of aesthetics, performance and energy efficiency. With unmatched styling and scalability,
, these future-proof products fulfill today's challenges and accommodate tomorrow's needs. PVTECH's linear vapor tight fixtures are designed for for demanding industrial and utility lighting applications involving dust, vapor, dirt, smoke, heavy impacts, and high levels of humidity. The high performance high bay luminaires by PVTECH are the fusion of contemporary styling and cutting edge LED technology for high ceiling applications where long life, maintenance-free, and high quality lighting are crucial.

PVTECH operates an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 compliant manufacturing facility with over 20,000 sqm of area. The company keeps growing its manufacturing infrastructure to offer world-class production capacities and industry-leading engineering and manufacturing capabilities. PVTECH's recent addition of 10 more production lines elevated the comapany's monthly manufacturing capacity of LED tubes to 5 millions. The company also invests heavily into its research and development capabilities that have built the company a compelling technology and patent portfolio.
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